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We are a full service dentistry where we provide treatments for all oral problems for all ages

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Oral Check-Up

Get to know the state of your teeth & gums. We can then suggest you a plan for treating any of the issues.


Various Treatments

Our dental clinic provides comprehensive care and treatment. This is provided for all age groups too – children, adults & elders.

Painless Experience

Technology and medicine are now so advanced that a patient need not feel any pain at all during any of the dental procedures.

Why Choose Us ?

Vaishnavi dental care has been providing excellent treatments to our patients for the last 20 years. Our dentists have huge experience in treating all sorts of oral problems.

Our experts dentists will diagnose your problems effeciently and suggest you the most optimal treatment plan. We have all the tools & equipments required to treat any dental related problems. 

Experience Painless Treatment

When patients meet a dentist, their biggest fear is the pain that they will feel during treatment. But today dentistry has advanced to an extent where we can assure the patient a painless procedure. Advancements in technology, tools and medicine help us to provide this assurance.

Keep your anxiety and worries away, and rest assured that we can handle the problem painlessly.


Happy Patients

“Consulted here for a toothache.We are satisfied in the 1st stage preliminary approach. we will go to next level root cleaning. I recommend the doctor. 

– Neha

“Consulted with Dr.Bhuminathan for a tooth decay. I recommend the dentist.”

– Dinesh Rajagopal

“I recommend the dentist. Happy with doctor friendliness, explanation of the health issue, treatment provided and overall value for money.”

– Arunkumar  T S

Our Services To Give You A Healthy Smile

  • Comprehensive Adult Dentistry
  • Children’s Dentistry
  • Orthodontics – Correcting Malaligned Tooth
  • Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Implants
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Treatments Under General Anaesthesia


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Fill up the form and send it to us. Our reception will get back to you with a probable date – time that you can consult with our dentists.


Alternatively, you can also call our dental clinic or walk-in to book an appointment.

Who We Are

Vaishnavi Dental Care Center has been in operation for 15 years. We have been treating our patient's problems since 2004. Every diagnosis and treatment is done with utmost care keeping the patient's well being in mind.

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17, Pammal Main Rd, Muthamizh Nagar, Pallavaram, Chennai - 600044


044 - 2248-3359

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No information in this site must be used for self treatment or for treatment of others. In case of any dental issues, you are advised to approach a licensed medical practitioner.